Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oregon- Gilbert House (Salem, OR)

Went to a place called The Gilbert House in Salem. They had different rooms with different themes where you could do different things.
The China room.
 They had a little grocery store where you could pick out your items then check out yourself. Piper really liked this & she was proud of herself for picking out healthy foods.
 Making music.

 A big thing to climb through & it had different slides to go down. 
 Funny Story: Beau, Piper, & I went down a slide together. Beau & Piper decided to go back up & do it again. When they got to the top Piper decided she didn't want to do it. Pete & I were waiting at the bottom. Beau grabbed Piper & as soon as he did he farted really loud & it echoed down the slide. Beau heard me say "what was that" as Pete & I were laughing. Beau got to the bottom & was cracking up!! It was HILARIOUS!!!
 A big sesaw
 Kathleen & Pete live in New Mexico so we thought this Adobe house was neat!
 One room had a big train set that you could watch the train go around you.

 Piper loved this room. It was a dark room where you could do movements & it showed up on a screen. She said this was her favorite. She had a hula hoop in this one.
 I loved the bubble room. Piper & I putting ourselves inside a big bubble.

 Jungle room.
 A vet room where she got to pick an animal & work on it. 
 In a submarine.
This was so much fun! We all enjoyed this!

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