Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oregon-Getting there & Monmouth

We have been WAITING for this trip. We really looked forward to nice weather & just relaxing!
Piper was SO excited to ride in an airplane for the very first time. She was amazing! She loved looking outside & she slept an hour & a half there & back. AWESOME!! It was an almost 4 hour flight.

Kathleen is from Monmouth & it is such a cute little town.
 Little tiny birds at Lyn's. They were all over her bird feeders.
 Beautiful view at Lyn's.
 We saw lots of cherry trees. Piper loved picking them & Beau got up in the ladder & picked them. So neat.
 Lyn's little Mini Coop.

 We introduced Piper to Jenga. Look at that worried face. She did not want to knock them down.
 Some big trees there.



  1. Cool Car!!! Oregon is on my dream list of places to go! Can't wait to read more posts! Looks like ya'll had so much fun!

  2. It is beautiful! The weather I think is my favorite :)