Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

We started out the 4th eating some festive pancakes. ( I love doing this)

 My mom was in & here we are in our red, white, & blue.
 We headed to Freedom Fest in Greenwood.
 It was so hot we went for some icecream!

 Riding the trolley.

 Me & Piper made this cake.
We were under a burn ban & weren't aloud to do personal fireworks. However we soaked our yard & did a few snakes & smoke bombs.

We headed back to Freedom Fest to play, listen to music, & watch fireworks.

Piper loves her daddy!
This is how stubborn & strong-willed my daughter is. She said she didn't want to watch the fireworks. She literally laid on me with her eyes closed & ears covered the whole time. She did not watch 1 firework!
It was a great 4th!!!


  1. GREAT POST!! i LOVE the fun pancakes! I'll have to remember this!