Saturday, July 21, 2012

31 week dr. apt. Aug 24th

I am 31 weeks!  
My dr. appointment went great today. I gained another 6 lbs in 5 weeks which I was completely terrified from our vacation that it would be more than that. Dr. Laws says things are going perfectly! 
Big momma is up to plus 21 lbs.
Baby is growing great!
Head is down at the moment.
Blood pressure is great!
I have been having Braxton Hicks which is normal. 
 He is still very active! Especially when I get still.
Piper loves to kiss my belly & say hi to Paxton.
There are times in this pregnancy when I get SO uncomfotable! It's aweful! My tailbone hurts so bad sometimes I can't hardly walk.
I go to the dr. every 2 weeks now. 
I have a few more things to get & we will be ready for him.
We can't wait!!


  1. These pictures are so perfect! I am so glad that everything is going great! You look amazing!

  2. SO excited for ya'll!! You look AMAZING!!! Love the pictures!

  3. Love these pictures! They are framers for sure! Yay for going to the dr every 2 weeks are almost there! I have a gift I need to get you! Let me know a good time!