Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oregon- Depot Bay & Whale Museum

 Beau getting eaten by a shark at the whale museum.

 Lot's of different seashells.

 Here is a sea lion swimming across Depot Bay. We saw several of them.
 You gotta get some Salt Water Taffy... YUM!!!
 We have had so much fun!!  Thank you Pete & Kathleen!!
Last but not least....
A few family pictures....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oregon- Whale watching

This is the smallest harbor in the world.
 We took a boat ride to do some whale watching.
Piper loved the boat. She just laughed!
 Pete & Kathleen were feeling sick!
 We got to see a whale several times but I did not get a picture. I tried several times but it was too fast. I was glad Piper got to see it. It was a grey whale.

I didn't get the whale in this but you can see where he blew out of his blow hole. He was too stinkin fast!!

Another favorite from our trip.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oregon- Random pictures

Here was the beach house we stayed in.
 Piper loved getting up in the mornings & feeding "Seag" the seagull. She named him that & she called all the seagulls her friends. It was so cute. Everytime she would see some she would say "there's my friends."

We went to an outlet mall & Beau had Piper scared to ride this bull. She said when she was done that he was nice to her because she is a girl!
 Ate lunch with this view one day!
 Piper got a giant pancake.
 We played lots of games at the house. Every night the adults played Phase 10. 
A gift shop that was on a cliff.

 I could just watch this water for hours!!

 Pete & Kathleen! They are wonderful!!
 We would walk down to the beach some nights & just walk. We love it.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oregon- Hatfield Marine Science Center

In Newport they had this neat science center.
We love these fish that look flat on the bottom.
 Piper got to touch starfish & enemenies. 

 We got to see all kinds of different fish & an octopus.
 Inside a cave.
 Kathleen, Piper, Pete, & Beau checking things out.
Another great time!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oregon- On the beach

Piper could not wait to get to the beach. The water is COLD here! It didn't stop us from getting in though.
 The waves are rough! I finally told Piper that we should try & jump them. She did & the wave knocked her down on her back. The water went right over her. She got up spitting. She handled it well though!
 This girl just knows how to pose!

 Love this!
 The waves just roll in....
 I loved just sitting on the beach. Beau loved getting in the water & Piper loved playing in the sand...
 Piper also loved chasing the birds off.

 I loved seeing Beau out here. He really was like a big kid. He just loved getting out in the water & letting the waves knock him down. It was cute. He kept looking up to see if Piper & I were watching him. :)
 Love my family!!
 They attempted to make a sand castle ;)
 Piper brought home a million seashells. It was way cute! She brought home lots of pieces of seashells too.

 Beau & I just loved watching her run across the sand. So sweet!

 Running from the waves.

We spent 3 or 4 days on the beach when the weather was nice. It was our favorite part. God's ocean is BEAUTIFUL!!!