Friday, June 8, 2012

Our first year of t-ball 2012

I never knew how much I would love watching my daughter play t-ball. It is so stinkin' cute & she has fun! I love seeing the excitement on her face & just how proud she gets when she does good!
She played on an all girls team: the "Pink Panthers"

 Runnin' fast! She takes pride in how fast she runs. 
 She gets to see Dean & Cooper some. They play on a different team & they got to play eachother.
Beau's mom came to most of the games.
 Piper & Brooklyn C.
 Good game girls!
Playin first. She got a little frustrated here & threw her glove down. She likes to know exactly whats going on. Once she knows, she does good. (Dean is on 1st base)
At 1st with Cooper on base.
Beau got volunteered to help with the batting line up. 
At pitcher. She did good this time & would have had two outs if they counted.

Mimi & MW got to come to two games. Piper loved that!
On 2nd base ready to run!
She really stretches those legs.

What a great year! We really were not ready for it to end. 


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  1. love this!! love these pictures!! that girl has got some long legs!! =) shes too sweet!