Monday, June 4, 2012

A fantastic week!

We had an awesome week with Mimi & Michael Wayne. The kids kept us busy!
We did lots of walking....

 We played at the parks.... a lot.....
 One of MW's most favorite things to do is go to the Nature Center. He LOVES the snakes!

 Swam a lot....

 ....livin' the good life....

 Couldn't wait to ride the train.
 Went to the movies.
Watched Mirror Mirror. This was a wonderful show. The kids liked it & so did mimi & I. A great family movie.
One morning they made a little campout outside between the cars. 
They got to pick tomatoes from a garden.

These two are the best of friends! They had a lot of fun this weekend. I know we really enjoyed mimi & MW being here. We also sat on the porch a lot & drank lots of coffee. I love them so much!

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