Monday, June 18, 2012

Antlers homecoming!!! Fun & turtle races!

Wednesday night Me & Piper went to Antlers.
Thursday I went to Rafe's funeral. I have known Rafe since I was little. He was my brother's age & he is my aunt's step-son. Was sad to say goodbye. Praying for the family! He will be missed!!
We went to the Brown's house to swim & the kids had fun!!
(This is the fantastic 4)

 Friday we got our turtles ready for the turtle races. They had so much fun painting them!
Piper wanted hers to be pink & for it to be a princess!
She named it Rosetta.

The glue was still wet & the tiara came off. O'well...
 Piper, Dedo, & Garrett watching the turtle races.
 Gavin was yelling for his. He named it Pete. It was so cute! He ended up getting 3rd place & getting $75!! WOW!!!
Great times! More to come!

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