Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Texas family reunion

Last Friday my lil fam headed to Texas. When we got there Uncle Eddie & Aunt Mel had cake & ice cream for Beau :)
 We had the Bell family reunion on Saturday.
We played some horseshoes....
Beau & uncle Eddie
 Piper chased butterflies until she got bit by aunts & couldn't walk for a while :) (little dramatic)
 This prairie dog kept coming out of its whole. 
 Grandpa Lawrence, me, & uncle Eddie
 Uncle Jerry & Beau 
 Jeff & gpa Lawrence
 Me & my girl!
 Uncle Mike & uncle Eddie
{Uncle Eddie & I beat uncle Mike & uncle Jerry Langston}
One time I got a ringer & a point all in one :)

 Amanda & some of her crew.
 Piper had lots of kids to play with.
 Piper & Shayne
Piper wrestling with uncle Eddie. 
Loved visiting with family & love staying with uncle Eddie & aunt Mel.


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