Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We have been staying outside lately!! We've had a hard time making ourselves go inside.
One day I didn't have kids so Piper & I went to the walking trail.
 This past weekend we worked our tails off in the yard. It was hard work but we really enjoyed it. It's good to feel accomplished. Piper even helped.
 We burned brush & the rest of the leaves in our yard. We cleaned out the rock beds. Beau bleached the gutters.
 Flower bed has new mulch!

 Then we let Piper play in the water.

He's such a poser :)
We planted flowers & Piper loves helping me water them.
And more snowcones!!

Monday we headed to the park.

 Piper took a picture of dad & mom.
Monday evening we finally went in & cleaned the inside of the house. UGH!
Then more water fun!!
 Little stinker was trying to squirt her dad & mom!
Thankful for this GREAT wheather & time with my family!!
These are the best times!


  1. How fun girl! We need to get the girls together to play soon! And your flowers look great!

  2. Cora, I have been thinking the same thing! Lets do that soon!!! Thank you :) I just love flowers. I'm just not very good at growing them :)