Monday, May 14, 2012

"Our House" dance recital

Piper had her dance recital on Friday night. It was a BUSY week. O my! We had something going every night & I do not like that. But we were very excited about watching our little "shining star" perform. I told Piper not to look at any of the other girls because sometimes they don't pay attention & I didn't want her to mess up. She got on stage at her rehersals & at her recital & didn't look at anyone.  She knew her dances so well & she took pride in doing them. We were AMAZED!
This was the opener. Everyone danced in it. They did "Big Big House." 
Piper is on the back row. She had this dance down.
 Piper got to be a little cat & mouse.
For tap she was a cat. They danced to "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat." 
 Piper & another girl knew their dances the best.
 I cried every time she got on stage. I couldn't believe my big girl could do all that & just how good she was at it.

 She still in dance mode. Love it!!! You are precious Piper Annabeth!! O my goodness!!
 For ballet she got to be a mouse. They danced to "Tippy Toe Mouse."
 Piper sang so loud when doing this dance.

 I love the tutu!
 All her dancing friends. Mackiah wasn't in it though.
 Justus & Piper
 Piper & Claire
 Matthew & Kayla came up to see it. We were so glad!
 Beau & Michael (making the uncle Hank face lol)
 Alex & Mw, yep Alex was there.
 Michael got Piper some flowers. It was so sweet. Then gave her a big kiss! I love these two so much!!

 My family! We are SO proud of our dancer!!!!

As much as we hate to we are going to take a break from dancing. It's hard b/c Piper really is good at it. She had fun & we may try it again later if Piper wants to. You are amazing Piper!
{Here's the ad we put in the program for Piper}



  1. Thank you Ashley! When El gets a little bigger & if she wants to do dance I do recommend this place :)