Thursday, May 3, 2012

19 wks 5 days

I went to get my labs on April 10th.  Everything was great except my iron so I am on an iron supplement. I had that with Piper too so it was no surprise.
I'm half way through this pregnancy!
I have been feeling him move. I started feeling him lightly at about 18 weeks. Now I can feel him on the outside. Beau got to feel him 4-30-12. He kept kicking in the same spot about every 10 seconds while I was laying down so Beau put his hand there & he felt him 3 times. So exciting!
Symptoms: HEADACHES! This 2nd trimester has brought lots of headaches.
I gained 5lbs this month but it has been 5 weeks since I have seen him.
Total weight gain: 10
Cravings: fresh fruit & snowcones (cold things with ice) & fresh veggies (esp squash & salad)
Baby boy is doing great! When Dr. Laws was getting his heart rate he was moving around so much!
Piper & I stopped & got a snow cone afterward :)
She is so stinkin sweet. I hear her telling random people all the time that she has a baby brother & she tells them about Paxton.



  1. love it!! you look so great and i SO enjoy reading all about your pregnancy!! =) thank you for sharing!!!

  2. You are so sweet! I am glad you are enjoying :)