Friday, April 27, 2012

What's goin on??

My dryer is broke... Is this why???
She likes to make us laugh!
Before Spring Break Pete & Kathleen were in. We got to go out & eat with them a few times. Kathleen is so good with Piper. They were playing tic-tac-toe here.

My step-brother Alex wrecked his car about a month ago. He got rear-ended by an older lady. Everyone was okay though :)

Piper was sick. Had a ear infection, a cold, & some weezing. She was on an antibiotic & breathing treatments. Hasn't been on breathing treatments in a long time :(
I got this in the mail. It made me so happy! I love seeing my name under the "mom-to-be".
Being silly again!
She just looked so pretty before church I had to take her picture!
Beau & I LOVE the Jesse Stone series. They are from a book but they made movies out out of them. My uncle Eddie & aunt Melinda got us hooked. We have all 7 & there is another coming out.
At the park in Fort Smith.
Matthew is back from Kuwait. (I think that's where he was). Got back about a month ago.
Beau & Piper raising the seat on her bike. She will need a bigger one pretty soon...
Look at these cute babylegs we got for Paxton!
 We are excited for snowcone season!!
This is what we get to buy this year. UGH! Not excited about it one bit!


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