Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, it was a tough decision but we decided to let Piper play t-ball this year. We didn't want to start her in sports too early bc we feel sometimes that can be just for the parents. I promise we won't be those parents that put our kids in EVERYTHING!
So far we are glad she is playing. We feel she can really benefit this year. 
Look at that form. We were proud of some of the grounders she gets. Beau says she's like her mama. She likes the grounders. :)
 She throws pretty good too!
 Love it!!
At the pitchers mound. 

 Making a throw to first. She has played 2nd some too.
With the execption of the 1 time she threw her glove down & yelled "t-ball is boring"! She says she enjoys it. Her favorite part is running the bases. She has had several practices & we are enjoying watching her.
Our 1st game is Tuesday & we are pumped!
Let's go Pink Panthers!!!

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