Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is risen!

We celebrated our Easter last Sunday. We had communion at church. I love church the week before Easter!

 Piper got her Easter basket when we got home.

 She was so excited & loved all of it!
 My pretty girl!!
 Piper & one of her best friends! Marin! She is so sweet she kept hugging Piper & they would hold hands.
 I love Aimee!!
 I didn't get many pics of the hunt b/c Piper was basically running the whole time.
 It was so hot we put our feet in the water to cool off.
 Have to hike that dress way up!
 Erin & me (two preggers) trying to cool off!
Yep, see my kid. The one who ended up swimming in her Easter dress. Who cares right???
 The water really felt great!
 Mackenzie was my little buddy. She stayed by me & almost went under once. She was so cute. She kept playing with my necklace & bracelet.
Fun day! 


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