Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun-day Mondays :)

We love our Monday's together!!!
One Monday we headed to the mall.
Then to Goody's. We LOVE that place!
A little trip to Petco was a great idea. A cheap fun way of entertainment for my 4 year old!
Piper loved the animals! 
A friend of mine told me about this park that we didn't even know existed. Piper loved it!

We introduced Piper to tennis. When Beau & I first got married we lived right down the road from the tennis courts so we played a lot. 
 She had fun!
 Beau & I are terrible at tennis but it's fun!
 Big mama!
 Piper is getting so much better at riding her bike. It took forever for her to even be interested in it. She goes fast then Beau & I have to run to catch up with her... UGH!

Love our Mondays!!!!


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