Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter camping!

We had a great time on our annual Easter camping trip. There were LOTS of people there.
Great place for the kids to play in the sand...

 We had some good volleyball games going :)
I got so burned playing volleyball. I had my sunglasses on so I really did look like a racoon. Kamyn would look at me & crack up laughing....
 Look at that dirty face!!
 Rayne & Piper :) coloring eggs.
 Yhe kids coloring egg..
 Piper was so proud of this egg. I had to put it up for her bc she wanted to find it.
 They caught this huge catfish on the trot line. 
 It's as tall as Daisy.
 Timmy & Kamyn
 Dedication= finding eggs in the rain.



 Love you girls!! Ashley & Tosha!
 After we left our sopping wet camp we went to uncle Danny & aunt Jane's for a fish fry.
Kaylee & Piper playing with bubbles.
Easter camping just wouldn't be the same without the rain!

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