Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 32nd Beau!

My sweet husband turned 32. We ate at his choice of Jerry Neals. :) 
Piper made him some pictures & she was SO excited to show him. 
We got him a movie, a shirt, & some cheesecake.
On his birthday morning we suprised him with some donuts.
Happy birthday Beau! 
Your girls love you SO much!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

What's goin on??

My dryer is broke... Is this why???
She likes to make us laugh!
Before Spring Break Pete & Kathleen were in. We got to go out & eat with them a few times. Kathleen is so good with Piper. They were playing tic-tac-toe here.

My step-brother Alex wrecked his car about a month ago. He got rear-ended by an older lady. Everyone was okay though :)

Piper was sick. Had a ear infection, a cold, & some weezing. She was on an antibiotic & breathing treatments. Hasn't been on breathing treatments in a long time :(
I got this in the mail. It made me so happy! I love seeing my name under the "mom-to-be".
Being silly again!
She just looked so pretty before church I had to take her picture!
Beau & I LOVE the Jesse Stone series. They are from a book but they made movies out out of them. My uncle Eddie & aunt Melinda got us hooked. We have all 7 & there is another coming out.
At the park in Fort Smith.
Matthew is back from Kuwait. (I think that's where he was). Got back about a month ago.
Beau & Piper raising the seat on her bike. She will need a bigger one pretty soon...
Look at these cute babylegs we got for Paxton!
 We are excited for snowcone season!!
This is what we get to buy this year. UGH! Not excited about it one bit!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Old Highway 71

We took the old71 highway home from Fayetteville. I use to love going to Harrison on that highway. I remember being so nervous going through all the curves & mountains. It is a dangerous highway. I remember stopping at some of the little stops & they had balconys where you could see the views. It made me sad seeing most of them had closed down b/c hardly anyone goes that way anymore. I remember the new highway being built as well. 
We stopped at one of the sights. 
Just beautiful!
 I remember looking through these. We saw people on boats in the water through this :)
 It was such a little adventure!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MS walk, Razorfest, & Red/White game

Saturday we headed up to Fayetteville for the MS walk & meet with some of Beau's family. We were representing Beau's cousin Jared.
Fran, Jaden, Karen, Piper, & me walking.
Beau & Jimmy

Me, Piper, Jennifer, Joseph, Jaden, & Karen.
We meet some more Greenwoodian's there.
We all ate lunch at Red Robin then headed to razorfest...
Piper loves this. She remembered it from last year & was so excited!
This was a big slide. She use to be scared of these things. It made me laugh when I seen her go down like this. 

Us & the Donnelson headed to the red/white game. Tyler Wilson did great!

Karen, Jaden, & Jimmy
The Ames'
Great day! On the way home we took the old 71 highway. Brought back LOTS of memories!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, it was a tough decision but we decided to let Piper play t-ball this year. We didn't want to start her in sports too early bc we feel sometimes that can be just for the parents. I promise we won't be those parents that put our kids in EVERYTHING!
So far we are glad she is playing. We feel she can really benefit this year. 
Look at that form. We were proud of some of the grounders she gets. Beau says she's like her mama. She likes the grounders. :)
 She throws pretty good too!
 Love it!!
At the pitchers mound. 

 Making a throw to first. She has played 2nd some too.
With the execption of the 1 time she threw her glove down & yelled "t-ball is boring"! She says she enjoys it. Her favorite part is running the bases. She has had several practices & we are enjoying watching her.
Our 1st game is Tuesday & we are pumped!
Let's go Pink Panthers!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun-day Mondays :)

We love our Monday's together!!!
One Monday we headed to the mall.
Then to Goody's. We LOVE that place!
A little trip to Petco was a great idea. A cheap fun way of entertainment for my 4 year old!
Piper loved the animals! 
A friend of mine told me about this park that we didn't even know existed. Piper loved it!

We introduced Piper to tennis. When Beau & I first got married we lived right down the road from the tennis courts so we played a lot. 
 She had fun!
 Beau & I are terrible at tennis but it's fun!
 Big mama!
 Piper is getting so much better at riding her bike. It took forever for her to even be interested in it. She goes fast then Beau & I have to run to catch up with her... UGH!

Love our Mondays!!!!