Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Piper 4.5

I can't believe how fast this little girl is growing!!!

-Likes to do puzzles
-Doesn't like for anyone to get in trouble. She will take up for them & say they didn't mean to so they won't get in trouble.
-She LOVES the Chipmunks. Especially the Chipettes.
-Everynight when we pray she wants to pray for not having bad dreams & for the baby in her mommy's belly.
-Loves to give all kinds of kisses. Air kisses, fish kisses, butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses, & regular kisses.
-Sometimes at night she wants me to sing Jesus loves me to her.
-Loves to dance & boy does she have some moves!
-Loves her tiny hiney & loves for her mama to get her tiny hiney!
-Can count over 100.
-Still loves princess'.
-She is sweet, loving, strong-willed, smart, beautiful, has a great sense of humor, & just completely perfect!
-Me & her daddy can't love on eachother without her being right there in the middle. She will say "hey, don't give lovin's without me."
-Likes lip gloss & fingernail polish.
-Our little type A personality.
Thank you Lord for Piper Annabeth Ames!!!


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