Monday, March 26, 2012

Our fun Spring Break Week

My mom, Grandma Faye, & Michael came to see us during spring break. We had lots of fun! I had to babysit so we didn't get out too far.
One day we headed to McDonalds to play. It rained SO much this week!
 2 of the best women ever!
 Having fun!!
In between rains we headed to the walking trail. 
 Love these two!!
 {throwing rocks in the creek}

{ Playing ponies & dinosours}
 We went to the Rhino Rage in Greenwood. The kids had fun!
 They are so stinkin fun!!

 Piper kept putting the animals up to the flowers. They were smelling the flowers. That is SO something cute that Piper would do. She likes the little things.
She also milked the cow & we have NO idea where she learned that! 
 I chased MW around. He loved it & laughed so much!
 My sweet Grandma. She had fun but she was ready to go home....

My grandma was ready to go home so they went back on Friday. Piper went with them. Beau & I got to have a wknd together & it was nice. We went on a date Friday. Dinner & a movie. We couldn't help but talk about our Piper the whole time :) WE love her so much!
When we picked her up we surprised her with this movie. She is HUGE into the chipmunks right now. Especially the Chipette's. 


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