Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend with family!

This past wknd we had Brenda, her boys, mom, Kayla, & MW at our house. We had the best wknd.
Picture overload I tell ya (you've been warned)
Beau was playing NCAA on his ps3. The boys wanted to play so Beau set it up like they were playing. LOL!
Garrett has a ps2 controller & MW & Gav have wii controllers.
 Little Gav man!
 Saturday we went shopping while Beau babysat. Beau is amazing! We had lots of fun & mom took us out to eat for my birthday at la huerta.
 When you have family in. You gotta dance! The adults also played cranium & Phase 10.

 Sunday we went to the Monkey House. We had a BLAST!! I think Brenda & I enjoyed it the most!!!
I fell here & slid smack into Brenda & Gavin. Then I was stuck on my head!

 I'm tellin ya, we loved it!!

Love these kiddos!!
 Mom & her girls!
 Kayla & Gavin coming down the slide.

Then we went to the mall to eat, more play, & a little more shopping!

 Piper is a monkey!

Fantastic weekend with my wonderful family!!!  I love them so much & am so thankful for them!!!


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