Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Day!

This was our first snow this winter. Although it was only about 2 inches we enjoyed it while it was here. Piper woke up very happy. She looked out the window first thing to see it the snow had come. 
We started out our snow day with donuts!!!!!
 We headed to Bell Park to do some sledding.
 Piper loved the snow! She was so brave sledding! 
 Yep, this pregnant momma sledded too!
 Piper getting me with a snowball.
 Jason, Robby, & Cameron met us there. Jana had to work a little bit :(
 Cameron & Robby 

 We also met Jim, Alivia, Izzabel, & Paige there.
Piper & Izzie were throwing snowballs at eachother.
 Jason & Beau going down the hill.
 Piper wore her hood since we got home. We warmed up with some hot chocolate.
We had a great snow day. We also played games & just relaxed. Love the snow but now I am finished with it....



  1. That is the BEST video EVER! So fun!

  2. LOVE that precious owl hat! I tagged you a post on my blog! :)