Thursday, February 16, 2012

Piper, election, wknd

Piper is just amazing!
This amazing little girl has been so hard to handle lately. I DO NOT know what the deal is. I have fought & fought with her. She is so stubborn & strong willed. Beau says she thinks everything has to be perfect. (I don't know who she gets that from) One day Beau had to get the belt out. :( Sometimes I literally want to pull my hair out! I just don't know what to do. I just pray. Piper can also be such a huge sweetheart. She really does have an amazing heart. She loves to hold my hand & sit beside me & love me. She always tells me she loves me. She is absolutey amazing & I am completely blessed to be her momma! The things I have a hard time with about her will also be used for good. For that I am thankful.
~She loves to play waitress. She likes to take your order & bring you food.
~She has complete conversations with herself. She always has pretend people are with her that she talks to. She talks for her & them.
~Still loves Strawberry Shortcake,  the Carebears & Princess'.
~When daddy gets up at 5 in the morning to go to work Piper loves to sleep & cuddle with her momma. She sometimes will hold my hand.  LOVE!
~Sometimes before Piper goes to sleep she wants me to sing Jesus Loves Me to her :)
When we went to the doctor for the first time to check on the baby this is what Piper told me. "mom, I want a sister, but if it's a boy that will be okay. And if God wants to give us two of them that will be okay too." I quickly said "nope!"

Presidential Election
Beau & I seriously do not know who we are going to vote for. We need to watch more on it but everytime we do it is just so frustrating & we just get aggravated. I will tell you this.... If it came down to Barrack Obama & Mitt Romney, we just WON'T vote. That is just how we feel. Like I said, we will start watching more on it no matter how aggravating it is...
Last weekend we watched the Bulldog's play basketball. The girls are doing great this year. Boys are doing good too just not as good as the girls. It was our first game this year.
 Saturday we had Cam's 6th birthday party.
Well, here was my little random post :)



  1. So glad the baby is healthy and you are doing good! Random posts like this are my favorite!

  2. Thanks Ash. It was a little scary!!!

  3. love reading about your kiddo and especially all about the new one too!! I love reading all about the "being pregnant" experience. such a special time and a huge miracle! =)