Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby (almost 9 wks) {Subchorionic Hematoma}

It is just a blessing to be carrying this baby right now. I just keep thanking God. Our family is SO excited! We don't care what it is either. One minute I would LOVE to have another girl & the next I think it would be neat to have a boy. I have been SO tired!!  But, I want to enjoy EVERY BIT of this pregnancy. Most of my family thinks it's going to be a boy.  Beau feels like it is a boy. I still think a girl. :) I have been a little nauseous!
The last 2 days I have had the worst heartburn. I guess it is heartburn. It's in my chest & tums will not do anything for it. It's driving me crazy!!

We had a little scare today. Started spotting a little bit. I immediatley started crying. I called the doctor. I called Beau, we prayed. They got me in & the ultrasound tech said that there was a spot where the baby implanted (about 4 or 5 wks). It's called a Subchorianic Hematoma. They noticed it on the last ultrasound but didn't say anything b/c I hadn't spotted any. She said it looked like it was gone. We felt so relieved!!!! Praise the Lord!!
Here is our sweet baby at 8wks 6days. Heartbeat was 179. It is 8.9 cm. Perfect!
Our baby is looking more like a baby. LOVE!


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