Sunday, January 15, 2012

movies, dates, sickness, & more

I love my husband so much! during Christmas break Beau & I got to watch a few movies together & enjoy some alone time while Piper stayed with mimi. We haven't gotten to do that in so long.
We went one night & watched Sherlock Holmes 2. It was great!
We finally got to watch "Courageous". Very powerful movie!
I LOVE my man SO much!
A fun day a few weeks with all these kiddos. We stayed outside FOREVER!
 And, my wonderful brother raked my yard for me :) So sweet!!!
I thought I would aggravate him & take his picture....
Beau & Piper have started daddy/daughter date night again.
 P got some tablets that change her water different colors.
 My sweet husband came home friday(the 6th) with a card & some candy for our monthaversary. SO STINKIN SWEET!!!
The card was so perfect for us. It said
"We share so much love....
We're good together because we share so much laughter, dreams, quiet moments, special memories, private jokes, and each other.
We're good together because we share love."
(That pretty much sums up our marriage....)
Piper LOVES her InnoTab!
Grant, Rachel, Aaron, Jacque, & baby Myles came over to watch AR in the cotton bowl.
 We love baby Myles!
 Then Aaron & Jacque did some dancing with us :)

Last Monday & Tuesday Piper had a virus. Her only symptom was a fever.
Wed. night I started feeling achey & I didn't sleep well. My throat had hurt but I thought it was probably just allergies. Thursday I just got worse. Beau came home & brought some medicine. I ran fever & I threw up all night that night. Friday we decided I would go to the dr. Beau took off that day b/c we were going to do something fun! (bummer) Went to the dr. & Strep throat. I hadn't had this since I was a kid but I don't want it again. We didn't think it would last this long. I am on a z-pack & I have to gargle with this disgusting mouthwash for 60 seconds. I have yet to make it to 60 seconds so far. I stop to take a breath (through my nose of course) & it slide down my throat & I end up gagging & spitting it all over the place. I have been taking tylenol every 4 hours for a pain relief even though I know I am not suppose to take that much. Last night was a little better. It just hurts when my throat gets dry. The first 2 days I didn't even want to swallow my own spit!
I am SO thankful for my friends & family that commented & were concerned for me.
Also, Piper had 3 nose bleeds yesterday! :(
I missed church today. :( But look how cute my Piper looked! She is so precious!!

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  1. I am so sorry you have been sick!! Your pictures are so cute!!