Monday, December 31, 2012

Date night & Paxton's 1st hospital visit.

This weekend my mom, Matthew, Kayla, & Michael came & stayed with us. Paxton has had a bad cough for a few days. It was a deep cough & Friday night he started wheezing a little. I called children's hospital & the nurse suggested I take him in. She thought it was just the croup but was afraid it may have been something else. We didn't get back home til' 4:30 in the morning. Paxton had bronchitis. My poor baby! He is on antibiotics & a liquid albuterol. 
While we were there Paxton showed off his farting skills. O my! 
Here's my big boy & my baby boy sleeping at the hospital.
Saturday my mom said she would keep the kids while we went on a double date. We had SO much fun!

 We ate at Market Place....
 then went & watched "Jack Reacher". This really is a great movie! We all loved it. I seriously can't wait until it comes out on dvd.
We also did some shopping. We had such a good time. Probably the last time we will get to go on a date for a while. Also my Paxton is feeling better!! You would have never known he was sick except for his cough because he still had the biggest smile on his face! 
So thankful!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm dreaming...

..of a White Christmas!
Yes, we got a white Christmas this year!
 Paxton got his first Christmas & his first snow all in one day. We just ran him out to take a few pictures.
 Piper had SO much fun in the snow! When she go too cold she was done though. 

We got over 6 inches of snow.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Santa came & he put a hat on baby Jesus. Piper thought that was so cute!
She couldn't believe Santa came! He took her letters & ate & drank the milk & cookies. She couldn't believe he snuck in our house & we didn't know it. He also left her & Paxton a letter.
She said "o my goodness he knew the exact la la loopsy I wanted." 
He got her the movie she wanted too.
Paxton got a football & a batman from Santa.
Piper had a gift for Beau & I that she did at Mrs. Baker's.
Her hand prints & a poem. I cried.

A bracelet. One side said "mommy we love you." The other side had Paxton & Piper's name on it.

Beau's man kit :)

Merry Christmas!!!
The last few years I have LOVED making Christmas dinner for my family. Beau got the turkey ready for me.  He's so good!
Piper loves her what she calls "big girl scooter."
My Paxton's 1st Christmas!
Christmas dinner!

Piper was excited to sleep in her new la la loopsy jammies, blanket, & stuffed loopsy doll.
AMAZING Christmas! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

We left Antlers on Christmas Eve to come home & have our family Christmas on Christmas day. As soon as we got home Piper was ready to put our the reindeer food. She literally ran all over the front yard trying not to miss a spot. 
 This year Piper decorated a cardboard box for a manger. When we did a good deed we got to put hay (pipe cleaner) in the manger. Christmas eve night we swaddled Jesus & placed Him in the manger.

 Daddy reading The Night Before Christmas.
 We did our stocking Christmas Eve night. Here is Paxon's goodies.
 My husband knows me well. He said there were different belts but he knew I was a black belt sudoku!
 I got Beau a keychain from our wedding.

 Piper was so excited to leave milk & cookies for Santa. She also had him a few pictures.
 On the little paper she wrote "Santa" & drew reindeer's.
Piper was so giggly & excited she could hardly sleep. It was so cute! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oklahoma Christmas

Sunday we headed to OKLAHOMA for the family Christmas.
Kamyn LOVES Paxton. He is always loving on him.
Pax got a new bouncer.
The Brown boys with Pax :)
Love my cousin Zach!
Brother Alex & cousin Zeth.
My handsome boy!
Justin, Alex, Tyson, & Zach.
After we ate we played some bingo.
Drew, uncle Danny K., & uncle Windale.
Nephew Landon & brother Hank.

Aunt Liz & Brenda
Piper got a new Lala Loopsy doll from uncle Matthew & aunt KayKay!

Moms 4 grandbabies. The 5th will be here in July!!
Hank, me, Kayla, & Alex
Sister Kayla, ma, & me

I love my family so much!!!