Friday, December 23, 2011

A random post

We had a suprise diaper shower for Rachel & Grant in the middle school last wed.
I am loving my new Ethiopian ornament!
Piper & I made some cupcakes. It had a pepermint hersheys kiss in the middle & peperment baking chips on top. Yummy!!
Nicole helped me re-paint my bedroom before the carpet went in.
 Loving my house being put back together & my new carpet!!
My pinterest wall art/necklace hanger.
 Piper's dance class had a fun day!
 Ms. Katy got them a gift too. So sweet!

Beau & I loved watching her in class. We don't usually get so see her. It is way cute & we just smiled the whole time.
Piper Annabeth can count to...
She did it all by herself two weeks ago....
Besides our prayers at lunch time that we recite Piper hasn't prayed by herself. I don't know why but we pray with Piper everynight & she said she can't pray. We never pushed it & would just say the prayer ourselves. Dec. 19th Piper decided she wanted to pray. That was the first time. I don't know why she hasn't before but it was the sweetest prayer i've ever heard.

This is a little of what has been going on with us lately.


  1. love this post. thanks for sharing! I still can not believe how big she getting!! what a beautiful little girl with a beautiful heart!

  2. I got that ornament too! Love it! Way to go Piper on counting to 100 and praying! She is such a sweet girl!