Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We have never woke up on Christmas morning to open gifts but we did this year. We started out reading out of Luke the story of Jesus.
It was fantastic!!
This is what Santa brought Piper this year!
An InnoTab & a princess table set.
 He left this note for her...
 Not like we expected... Piper woke up CRANKY!!  She said "No, Santa did not come". Thankfully she cheered up quickly!
 LOVED this! My Paula Dean cook set!
 But, I really loved this!!!
 Beau got some clothes...
 But, he was really excited to get this PS3!!!
 Piper has been wanting this pink basketball. Can't wait til she gets a little bigger & can put her in basketball!!!
 One of the things she wanted the most... A tea set. So sweet!!

 What a wonderful Christmas!!
 We made some Merry Banana Muffins mmmmm!
It was a fabulous Christmas & I loved all the alone time with my wonderful family!

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  1. I love both of those books! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!