Friday, December 2, 2011

House flood

We had a house flood that started last week when the big rain came in. We had the hardest time trying to figure out where it came from. We couldn't figure it out, our insurance agent couldn't, & the plumber couldn't.
We are so thankful for the people who called, texted, messaged, just showed up & let us stay at their house.
Terral, Randal B., & Jeff Ivey showed up to help us clean up the water. Jeff even climbed in the attic to see if their was any kind of water damage........Nothing.
We still couldn't figure it out. 
Shaina even came & got Piper for us so we could get things done. THANK YOU!
 This was the extra bedroom where it started.
 We stayed at the Ivey's that night then the next time we stayed at a hotel (I hate imposing).
Piper loved being at a hotel.
 (Pipe wanted to take a picture of us) The next day while Beau was at work Piper & I sat in that cold mildew house. Piper kept getting her clothes wet because the wet carpet & she cried at one time because she was SO cold. I called Beau & he told us to go to Antlers. Had to get my baby out of there.
Beau & Jeff Ivey got the carpet pulled up in every room & I know the house is a complete wreck. Now to let it air out this wknd! AAHHH!!!
As much trouble this has been, I kow it could have been so much worse!

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