Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wild Things Farm 2011

We had a great time this year at the farm. 
On the hayride!

 This slide went SO fast. Piper was the first to go out of the whole group. She was not happy at how fast it went. She sent strait into the dirt.
 Getting SO big!!

 LOVE this picture of Piper
 She lead us through the corn maze again. :)
 It was a little muddy in some parts.
 Picking out the perfect pumpkin. I had a hard time picking out my pumpkin. Beau & I looked at eachother & said "that's where Piper gets it from." We think everything has to be "perfect".
 The goats climb up here & you can bring food up to it to eat.
 She is so funny! This was her own doing. 

This day was perfect! 
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  1. love that girl...she's getting so big! Great pictures! what a fun day!

  2. Love her halloween outfit! They didn't have the slide ready when we went. We may have to make another trip! :)