Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding & part 1 of reception

Piper was a beautiful little flower girl. I was so proud of her. You could tell she is a perfectionist. She walked so slow & dropped her petals on the floor. She had the biggest smile & you could tell she was so proud. It was adorable!!

 Garrett & Gavin :)
 Richard did a great job with the music!
 Nicole the BEAUTIFUL bride & my new wonderful sister-in-law.
 Piper, Michael, Landon, Nicole, Shalena.

Here she is. So precious!
Ami, Steph, Bren, & me.
Flower girl Piper.
 Nicole had her brother Larry & Landon give her away. So sweet. Landon was so proud. :)
 Mr. & Mrs. Hank Baker
I have to tell you that we walked off to the Oklahoma Fight song. It was really neat!!! Fun!!
 Piper & Aunt Shalena
 The cousins.
 Gav man!

 With uncle Eddie & aunt Mel.

 First dance
 me & my uncle Jerry :)
Piper was the very first one on the dance floor. I couldn't believe how much she danced. It was so neat.
Piper, Dedo, & Pepaw
 Stetson is quite the little dancer. Timmy, Zeth, Piper, Dedo.

 Piper & Dedo still out there ;)

 Zeth getting mom to dance ;)
Landon did what we called the "seizure dance". It was so funny!!


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  1. Congrats to your family! All of you look so pretty! I love the dresses and flowers-everything looks great! So fun!