Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding moments

Memorable moments at the wedding:
  • Landon being so proud to help give his mommy away. When the preacher asked who gives her away, he said, " We do. Now go sit down." :)
  • Piper being a proud flower girl. She took her job seriously. I will never forget the big proud smile on her face.
  • During the ceremony the wind blew really hard & Nicole kept reaching for the arch thinking it was going to fall.
  • Piper got the hiccups during the ceremony. Everytime the preacher would say something she would hiccup.
  • Piper, Landon, Shayne, Dedo, & Michael dancing at the wedding.
  • Oklahoma & Texas played that day. We watched the game at the cabin as we got ready. Oklahoma KILLED Texas. It was great!
  • After he pronounced husband & wife, we walked off to the Oklahoma fight song. It was classic!
  • I kept joking about how I wanted us to go down the isle to "drop it like it's hot" so I could dance. Nicole dedicated it to me during the reception.
  • I told Michael Wayne to wait for Piper while walking down the isle because he walked fast & she went slow. He would walk ahead of her & turn around & wait for her. Then walk ahead of her then turn around & wait again.


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