Thursday, October 20, 2011


While I was in Ethiopia I met & fell in love with this little Samrawit. She is 14. I told her that I would sponsor her & I asked if she was in the program to be sponsored. Someone told me she was. I was so excited. But not as excited as she was.
 I met her parents & they showed me there home. It was really sad. I gave her a bible in amharic & a few other things like snacks & such.
 Holli got to sponsor her little brother. It was so neat.
 Her parents were so grateful that their children were going to get sponsored.
 The mom makes bead necklaces for a living in Korah (the trash dump area) & her dad has a prosthitic leg & can't work.
This picture pretty much sums up their home. One bed, a dresser a bench, in a tin building, in Korah.
I got home & was upset to learn that Samrawit was not in the program. I was asked if I would like to sponsor another child. I couldn't. I already told Samrawit I would sponsor her. I gave her a picture of me & my family so she would remember me. I asked that she get put on a waiting list & they said they would.
I am happy to say that today I got an e-mail from Project 61 & they are trying to get her into the program. It is not official yet but they are waiting to hear back from Ethiopia. We have been praying for this girl & I am just in tears. The Lord is so good & HE loves Samrawit SO much!!!
Beau & I are so excited!!
We will keep praying.


  1. Becky- this is so precious! Thank you for sharing! We will definitely be praying for this sweet young lady who made an impact in your life. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and willing to make a difference. One day, I pray I can make a trip like this.

  2. I would LOVE to join you in praying for this girl! God is faithful!

  3. You girls are THE BEST!!! Thank you SO much!!!!