Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reception part 2

Shayne, Landon, & Zeth breaking it down.

 me, Jannie, & Susan. My Texas family.
 Uncle Bob & Aunt Liz
 Dedo & Shannon.
 Grandma Faye & Uncle Danny
 Dancin' with my brother
 Piper & Mimi
 Aunt Jane & Kayman
Had fun dancing with my man.
 Shalena & Hank
 Love it!
 Uncle Danny & Dedo
 Piper danced & danced until she sat down in this chair & just crashed.
 Love this of Nicole & Landon!
 Susan & Shayne
The wedding was absolutley beautiful. Nicole was absolutley beautiful! Kayla did a great job of dressing everyone up.
My brother is married!


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