Monday, October 10, 2011

Preparing for the big day

The Ames' headed to big A on Thursday to help finish with last minute preperations for the wedding.
These are at Hank & Nicole's thursday.

 Some of us stayed at the cabin the night before. Mom took the kids with her. Kaylee went too. Piper LOVED having a little girl to play with.
 The next day trying to get it all together.
Brenda, Landon, & Larry putting the arch together.
 Larry & Beau getting the dance floor ready. These 2 helped us out SO much!!
 Garrett, Gavin, Landon, Michael, & Piper watching a movie.
 Kayla did a FABULOUS job with everyone's hair!!!!!!!
Nicole the bride :)
 Michael & Piper
 Me going to decorate the arch.
 LOVE it!!
 Piper got her hair done too. :)
My sister just finished hair school. She is going to be a great hairstylist!!!
It was a busy day but it all came together. Now on to the wedding.


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