Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pete & Kathleen

We started this last weekend by going to our first Bulldog game of the year. We have just been SO busy.

 We meet our friends Courtney, Brandon, & Bryson there.
Here are Bryson & Piper running around.

 Pete & Kathleen came in so we spent most of our time with them. Beau LOVES it when they come in.
This day we meet them at the park & had a picnic.

 Beau & Pete

 Poor Piper has been wanting to play with her easy bake oven. I finally got it out Monday. This girl still loves to bake!
Had a great weekend with Pete & Kathleen. It is good to visit with them so Beau had to miss out on growing up with him. It was really a relaxing weekend & that was nice. Haven't gotten one of those in a while.

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