Monday, October 3, 2011

Our big 4 year old!

Our big 4 year old had her check up today. We didn't know but as soon as we walked in the nurse told us she would be getting her shots.:( We were so sad! She needed 4 but Beau & I decided that we would do 2 today & 2 next year. She just needs them before she goes to kindergarten & I have always been a little freaked out about giving more than 2 at a time.
I am also thankful that Beau & I got to get our flu mist along with Piper. It was covered by the insurance & no co-pay. We were very thankful! We decided since I have gotten the flu every year in the last 3 years that I needed one this year.
Piper was SOOOO good at the dr. Absolutley amazing! She did everything Dr. Whitaker told her to do. Then came the shots. She cried for a few minutes & that was it. We were SO PROUD of her! I am pretty sure I had more tears than she did.
Our big girl was 36 lbs & 39 & 3/4in. She was right at 50% in height & weight. predicts her to be 5'3 at the age of 18. That has went down every year....hhhmmmm.
Piper you are absolutley beautiful! We still love those big blue eyes & that pretty hair that usually has a bow in it ;)
You wear an 8 in shoes. You wear a 4T & starting to wear some 5T's in clothes.
You love everything pink.
You like your toys picked up & you are still very paticular about things.
You are a little pack rat. We seriously find random things in your room all the time.
You are pretty girly. You love babydolls, princess', Strawberry Shortcake, Dora, & dressing up. 
You love shooting the basketball with dad & mom.
When daddy gets up at 5 you like to get in bed with momma & you give me lots of kisses. That has been an amazing time for us!
The last few weeks you have gotten good at riding your bike. You really haven't had an interest until then.
You love being outside & we take you out as much as possible.
You still LOVE school work. You can write any letter, but you mostly do uppercase except in your first name. You can do all of it but we notice when you write things it is in uppercase.
You have really loved painting lately & cutting. We are also doing easy math with you.
You love when momma keeps kids. You really love them all & play good with them.
You still absolutley adore your mimi. You love every moment with her & when you know you are going to get to see her you count down the days.
You love playing Yo Gabba Gabba circus with pepaw.
You love your cousins Michael & Landon. You 3 are awesome together.
Tonight you looked at me & told me you have a good daddy. I hope you always know how good of a daddy you truely do have. You are his princess!!
You are my love bug & I hope to stay close to you forever! You have so much of my personality, it's scary. Poor daddy!:) You still have a lot of your dad in you though & I think you look like both of us.
Piper we love you, the most beautiful little girl we know! Everyday we thank Jesus for you!!!
4 is hard on mommy. You really seem like such a big girl!
Piper's 4 year questionaire:
1. What is your favorite thing about being with mommy everyday? hugging & kissing mommy (really girl? you sure know how to melt my heart).
2. What is your favorite food? Fruits & veggies (ha! really??? this is really what she said)
3. What is your favorite movie? Strawberry Shortcake
4. Who is your bestfriend? mommy :)
5. What do you love about your daddy? he killed that bug for me yesterday (ha!)
6. What do you love about mommy? you give me food
7. What do you like to do for fun? play outside & run
8. What is your favorite toy? my strawberry shortcake
9. What is your favorite book? my puppy book
10. What is your favorite meal for dinner? lil smokies, shells & cheese, green beans, & rolls


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  1. I LOVE all those pics of her! Did you do those? They look professionally done!