Friday, October 28, 2011

Only Moms

I am linking up to Kelly's corner. She made a blog post about moms of only children. We don't know if we will have another child & after a while I think we have finally come to terms with that. We are not wanting another one right now. The Lord has blessed us with the perfect little girl & if she is it then that is GREAT!!!! We never wanted just one child but if I have learned one thing the LORD has His own plans for our lives. It really does work out great. When we decide we want another child & we are not able, we will adopt for sure. The Lord will lead us because we are praying. ;) But for now, we will enjoy & be content with the perfect one we have & continue to thank God for her :)


  1. Awesome! I struggle with this daily. People act like I'm crazy because I'm not ready to have another child...or maybe never. We are still not sure. We have a wonderful little boy, Anderson. I was an only child but my husband was not.

    Btw...I love your little girl's name. Precious!
    Thanks for an awesome post and making me feel like I'm not alone. :)

  2. Hi! I came over from Kelly's Korner. I am also a mother of one and loving our time together!

  3. P.S. my daughter has a Cabbage Patch Doll named Piper (came with the name). Love it!

  4. We have been graced with one little boy. He truly is a blessing that keeps us hopping.

    Stopping from Kelly's Korner! I have an only too.

  5. Hi over from Kellys! love that name Piper! I to have a daugher that just turned 5 and is an only child! She is our miracle by all since of the world and we are more than blessed with her. We may adopt one day if the Lord leads us to do so, but for now we are happy with our lil fam of 3!

    look forward to reading more and nice to meet you, your daughter is beautiful