Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nicole's Bachelorette Party

Nicole got all her girls some flowers. I love it!
 Then all us girls headed to the cabin to bach it up for the bachelorette party.
The bride, Nicole with her mints & napkins.
 The lake was right below us. The weather was perfect & it was so nice there.
 Here is our sweet little cabin.
 We put our chairs down by the lake for a little while. Absolutley beautiful!
Nicole, Brenda, Ami, & Becky
 Our cabin from the lake. We really enjoyed this so much!
 I brought my griddle, which turned out PERFECT!!!
 Then we played "Things" in the cabin & laughed SO much!
 Nicole & my sister Kayla. Kayla showed up later & stayed with us :)
 I opened the door one time & there was a racoon right outside the door. Scared me!
 The next morning, waiting on some pancakes.
 Bren is the pancake queen!
 We got showers & headed to Paris, TX for some pampering.
Me & Ami enjoying soaking our feet & massage chairs:)
 Brenda & Nicole doing the same :)

 Got our nails done. Love it!
We also went to TaMolly's & did a little shopping. It was such a great time!


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