Friday, October 7, 2011

I was.....

...looking through my phone & I found these pictures. Didn't want to lose them or forget about them.
This was one night in August when we went to the drive-in. We watched Cars 2 & Zoo Keeper.
 Playing outside before the movies started.
 4th of July, Piper & Landon checking out the fireworks.
 She is just SO precious!!

 Coming back from Antlers. Love the spagettios all over her face that I didn't wipe off.
 One day a few months ago at the park.
 Piper LOVES Kayman. June 13, 2011
I love this. We were going to the airport to pick up Hank. Beau had P & L & acted like they were waiting so long that they fell asleep :)
 I don't want to forget what the Lowe's went through with their boys this summer. They were prayed for so much. Kale & Lawson.
 Little Drew.
 A few old ones. My baby girl on Beau's 29th birthday.
This picture is probably from when Beau & I first got married. I love it. He's my handsome man!!
 Me & my nephew Michael. This was when we came home from the hospital with Piper :)
 LOVE this! Look at that fuzzy head & them huge rolls on her legs! LOVE! Miss those days!

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