Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mrs. Becky's

We have started a great year of school. We stay so busy & we have lots of fun!

 Practicing our writting.
 Piper is doing very well in her writing.
 Jasper & Whitney, working on their shapes.
 Piper is learning her numbers through 30. I think she about has it.
 Joslyn & Piper :)
 P is also working on math. Small math of course & she really likes numbers.
"In the begining, God created the heavens & the earth." Gen 1:1
We read the story of creation this week & talked about the different things God created.
We memorized our memory verse & made "earths".
Here is Piper's earth.
 We also did a worksheet on things God made & here we are painting.
 We practice our cutting.
 & We LOVE playing outside!!!

Excited about this school year & enjoying this year before my baby girl goes off to preschool next year :(


  1. So great to be teaching such fun things to those babies! You are doing GREAT!