Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last weekend

This weekend we had a tailgating party at the Andrews before the game.
Little bulldog fan :)

We ended up watching it at the Andrews' via livestream which worked out perfect!
Lauren & Izabel
Piper & Paige
Then I got talked in to doing  a lock-in with our youth. So glad I did it. I got to see lots of the girls I don't hardly see anymore. Leah Amico came & spoke & she was amazing. She is a 3 time olympic medalist for softball.
Darby & Leah
The girls were playing partner volleyball.
Me & Rach & her sweet baby boy :)
The whole group!
love 'em love 'em love 'em!
My awesome family!!
Saturday we headed to the Monkey House for Marin's birthday party. This was a lot of fun! Heard alot about it but haven't gotten to take P there yet. I am thinking a great place for a playdate!
Piper & Marin coming down the slide.
P was disappointed in this slide. She said it was too slow!!
So cute!
She was making her hair blow crazy!!
mmmm cupcakes!
Then it was the big OU/Florida State game. It was a good game & even better that my sooners won! I did not talk trash to Jason even though that is 2 years in a row :)
The kids tackling Jason. HA!
Fighting for the football.
Cute mr. Kale :)
Great weekend with great friends. Us Ames' are surely blessed!!!!!!!!

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