Monday, September 12, 2011

Cintas' picnic & family time in Antlers :)

Saturday we headed to Beau's work picnic. 
Whitney, Courtney, Paige & Piper in the bounce around.
 Do you see what Beau is doing here????  He is playing a game & talking on the phone. This upset me. He lost! You don't talk on the phone while you are playing a game!
 Playing minute-to-win-it
 The kids playing musical rugs :)
 P won some candy! :)
 Then me & Piper headed to Antlers. Beau did not get to come because he was house/animal sitting :( Hank & Nicole had some of us over for some hamburgers & hotdogs.
Here is sweet Kamen making his sweet face :)
 Aunt Jane & uncle Danny with their grandson :)
 Sweet Garrett Wade the drummer.
 Me & Hank with Grandma Baker.
 We got a lot of wedding stuff done this wknd & we all tried on our dresses. Am I allowed to post this since Nicole has her dress on??  I don't think Hank looks at this.....
We have been friends for a very long time. Nicole, me, Brenda, & Ami. We tried on our dresses & wore them for a long time. Mom & Richard were taking pictures of us. We seriously felt like we were in highschool again. O the memories :)  We had SO much fun! Love these girls SO MUCH!!
My brother Alex turned 17!!!!!
His girlfriend got him this cheesecake :)
Hank & Nicole told me that they were talking about how I am just like Monica on FRIENDS. I don't think I am that bad. But Hank & I decided that Nicole is like Joey on FRIENDS :)



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  1. Glad u had a good weekend with the fam! Yall look pretty in your dresses!