Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Brother

Well the season has come & gone. What do you do when your friend tells you they won't get to watch it. You invite them over & have a little party.
Here are our Rachel cupcakes. I can tell you that last season & most of this season people could not stand this girl. She has really redeemed herself & I found myself slowly rooting for her.
 Me & Cora with our team Rachel sign :)Beau was going for Adam & Dusty was going for Porsche.
 Cute little girls eating their Rachel cupcakes. :)
 Mackenzie & Piper
And the winner........
RACHEL!!!!!!!  She very much deserved it!
I was also happy about this! Jeff got "America's favorite player". He got my vote!



  1. Looks like fun! I can't believe ya'll had a big brother party and didn't invite us! :(

  2. P.S I'm glad Rachel won too! And was SO excited about Jeff!!!!!

  3. Ashley, it was last minute & I figured it came on too late for you. Your bedtime is earlier than mine & that's early :)