Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Piper's birthday with Daddy & Mommy!!

Our birthday girl this morning!
 Piper loves getting her nails painted!
 Wating to get her present from daddy & mommy!
 Suprise! She didn't know what to do at first. We had to talk her into it...Funny! That's just like Piper. We expected that.
 Now you got it!
 On to the presents...
 Daddy & mommmy Piper loves these! The peanut holiday collection! Very excited about this!
 The necessities, clothes, pajamas, socks & panties :)
 New scooter. YAY!
 Loves her princess Aurora costume. Why is Sleeping beauty her favorite??? Because she wears pink, of course!
 Birthday dinner at Simple Simons. If we ever eat there it is on Tuesday night b/c of buffett. Piper loves the dessert!
 Dylan came with us!
 Gotta have lots of birthday kisses from mommy!!!! LOVE!
It's been 4 years & I can still remember like it was yesterday. I had an amazing labor & delivery! You were 6 lbs 2 oz, 19.25 inches long. Our lives had changed forever!
Happy birthday to our most perfect little girl! As we put her to bed tonight & thanked God for giving her to us 4 years ago Beau & I saw how she hoarded some of her things beside her bed. We talked about how we wanted to make sure that we encourage her uniqueness. God made her just the way she is & she is SO special. We love it all!!!!!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Piper's 4th birthday party!

This weekend we celebrated my girl turning 4! Wow! 4 seems SO big to me. We had a little strawberry shortcake party. The weather was great!

 Strawberry lemonade in jars :)

 Piper & her cousin Landon.

 She is SO big!
 The three amigos!
 Piper & her good friend Marin. They are so funny together! Sassy girls!
 This is so cute. Looks like Cooper is telling her something funny.
 Piper loves Ellery!

 Cooper, Piper, & Dean
 Little cuties!
 Happy 4th birthday to our princess!!!

 Cameron & Robby

 Opening her presents.

 Then we went to the park & played a bit.

 Cameron & Michael.
We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives. I don't think the fact that my daughter is turning 4 has hit me yet. We have enjoyed this life with her & couldn't imagine it any other way. She is an absolutle joy!
Happy birthday Piper Annabeth Ames!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Mimi & uncle Alex came on Thursday to stay the weekend with us.
Piper really loves to dress up!
Playing some CandyLand
Piper is really loving riding her bike!
Friday Aunt Nicole, Jenny, & Landon came!
Then Saturday Brenda & Ami met up with us after Piper's birthday party to get the rest of our wedding shopping done. Mission: Shoes & Jewelry......ACCOPLISHED!
Me & Bren :)
Nic & Ami
A & B
My girls!
Saturday night we watched our sooners & had some good food.

haha! Beau & I this morning enjoying our coffee.
Sweet Jacque at her baby shower. We can't wait to meet Myles!