Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We went to Antlers this last wknd. Got some registering done for Nicole. :) That was fun! Then we went to Hank's for some games saturday night.
I have been friends with these girls for a LONG time!
Brenda, me, Nicole, & Ami
 We celebrated my amazing nephew turning 5 years old!!! He really wanted a transformer party. Aunt Becky did not disappoint. :)
 Gav man! He is so stinkin cute! His momma fixed his hair :)
 My cousin Brenda & her littlest, Gavin.
 Playin the wii!
 When Brenda & me get together we get a little crazy!
Beau always falls asleep so we usually always put some kind of food on him.
Brenda put this icing on him & I snapped the picture. :) HAHA!
 Happy birthday Michael Wayne!!
 We love you so much!!!!

Happy with his gift from aunt Becky! He said "transformer shirt!!"
 & Bumble Bee!!
 Later Beau & I went for a 4-wheeler ride:) Great great wknd!!!

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