Monday, August 29, 2011

Pizza & movie night at the Ames'

It was SO nice to just relax & watch movies Saturday night. It seems we stay so busy now. Couldn't imagine having more than 1 kid. I don't like the busy life. Unless it is organized of course. I don't like falling behind my schedule :) 
Beau playing with Piper getting attacked by Piper.
 Picnic in the floor! O ya!
 It was a great movie night. I watched Soul Surfer on my way to Africa this summer. I kept telling Beau he HAD to watch it. I cried again! It is very emotional being a mom & putting yourself in the situation.  I am sure Beau appreciated the commentary aka me telling him all the details because I had read the book. This girls faith is AMAZING! She made sure they did the movie how she wanted it. She told them the 2 most important things were 1. she wanted it to be about Jesus & 2. she wanted good surfing.
Another great movie. WOW! This one will make you cry to. It breaks your heart seeing the miserable life that this man lived b/c he had no forgiveness. Great ending to a great story. A must see! Get your tissue!!

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