Monday, August 22, 2011

Lifegroup at the Natural's game

Saturday night was Faith & Family night at the Natural's game. Our lifegroup got together & went.
Here are the guys.
Our group
We got to see Addison Road. It was awesome!
Watching the concert.
Aaron, Beau, & Cully got to go on the field & play Minute to Win it. Cully won! Beau came in 2nd, & Aaron in 3rd. This was fun!
Cully got it in his mouth in like 3 seconds. Aaron tried to throw his up & catch it with his mouth. Beau still had his on his head :)
The game got rained out but the Natural's came back & it was 6-3. We went to Braums for icecream then the cool ones who rode the van came back & watched the fireworks. It was really good!



  1. So glad you all had a great time! We will go one of these years! ! :)))

  2. haha! Whatever Shaina! :) But I hope so :)