Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is what the Ames' have been up to, lately........
I have been watching lots of kids. They keep my busy, we have fun, & I sleep like a baby at night :)
 Beau was working in the yard one day & Piper got right out there with him & helped.
 She didn't quit either. She helped until he was done.
 Saturday we got up at 5 & had a yard sale. (ARG)
 Piper enjoyed some donuts.
 Beau works so hard. He is always trying to think of ways to make money so he can take care of his girls. This night he was working at the church. Piper & I suprised him. He took a little time and played some foozball with P.
 Going to our wonderful church that we LOVE! And spending time with these 2 amazing people!
Piper Annabeth has started dance again! She is in tap/ballet & absolutley loves it!
 She is the smallest & probably youngest in there & she has been AMAZING!!!
We are SO proud!!!
 Saw a deal like this at Michaels & came home & made one. Ready to get my fall stuff out!!
 Trying to let baby girl play in the water as much as she can before summer is over. Which doesn't seem like that can come soon enough!!
 Our deck caved in on us.....NICE! Thankfully we have someone who is going to help us fix it.
We're watching our baby girl grow up....WAY TOO FAST!

 And I still can't quit thinking about this place!!!!!

I have to say I have been pretty busy but I am most definatley BLESSED!!! This is what we have been up to LATELY.....


  1. Looks like you guys have been having fun! I've missed seeing you! Love this post!

  2. Love that fall charger plate! I have a plate holder hanging in my kitchen and I change out the plates for each season/holiday! Love yours!

  3. You are a busy girl! :)
    I love your fall plate - How creative!
    I hate that your deck caved in! Let us know if you need help!