Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun at the fair 2011!

Piper could not wait to get to the fair this year. We took her on Thursday & she had a blast!
 She was such a big girl!
 Drew, Gavin, & Piper riding the car. Gavin LOVES Piper! I mean LOVES her!
 Mr. Kale! He was running around like a wild man :)
 Sweet, little crazy drivers!
This was Piper's absolute favorite! Can't tell you how many times she rode it! I was a little nervous but as soon as she got off she wanted to ride again.
 Love it!
 So sweet! Gavin & Piper going down the big slide.
 Me & Gavin's grandma said we may have to use these pictures for a slideshow one day :)
 Our annual picture of Piper & daddy & the tractor. Love!
Had lots of fun with our friends. Piper was so big & rode the rides over & over! What a blessing!!
Fair 2009!
Fair 2010!


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